Police Confirm Noor Din M Top’s Death

Thursday, 17 September, 2009 | 17:47 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: National Police confirmed on Thursday that one of the killed terror suspect in Mojosongo Village in Solo, Central Java was the Malaysian born fugitive, Noor Din M Top, and revealed his position in the South East Asia network of the al Qaeda.

In a press conference at the National Police headquarters aired live by local TV stations, General Bambang Hendarso Danuri said finger prints check on one of the killed targets match to those of Noor Din M Top.

“There were 14 points in the left and right fingers of the deceased that match with the finger prints of the fugitive hunted for the last nine years, Noor Din M Top,” General Bambang said.

The three other suspects killed in the raid are, Susilo AKA Adit, 24, Bagus Budi Pranoto AKA Urwah, and Aryo Sudarso AKA Aji.

Bagus, according to General Bambang, was the convicted terrorist involved in the Australian Embassy bombings in Jakarta in 2004, which returned to local terror network and last detected in Bekasi, West Java early in August, when police raided a terrorist hideout in the region and killed two terror suspects.

Aryo according to General Bambang was a bomb expert trained by the Malaysian terrorist Azahari which was killed in Batu, near Malang, East Java in 2005.

The fifth person in the house, Putri Munawaroh, the wife of Susilo, was injured, General Bambang said the female is pregnant. The two other men caught before the raid were Rahmat Puji Prabowo AKA Bejo, and Kedu, they were arrested at 3 pm local time on Wednesday.

Firearms and 200 kilograms of explosives, surveillance euipments, laptop, and documents were found in the house. General Bambang said the documents showed Noor Din’s position in al Qaeda’a South East Asia network.

The raid followed a simultaneous operations in Temanggung, Central Java and in Bekasi, the suburb of Jakarta in West Java early in August to hunt the mastermind and the supporting operatives of the July 17 bombings at The Ritz carlton and JW Marriott hotels which killed nine and injured almost 60 people.

Police began to hunt a score of targets after the bombings, including Noor Din Muhammad Top. Two other fugitive sought by the police after the bombings, Syaifuddin Zuhri and Syahrir was related to Noor Din as the documents found in Mojosongo raid, revealed their positions in al Qaeda’s south east Asia network.

Bambang also said that Ibrohim, one of the target killed in Temanggung last August, who worked as a florist at the bombed Ritz Carlton hotel in Kuningan was actually also a member of the south east asia network of teh al Qaeda.

General Bambang refused to disclose any indication of possible terror strike planned by the group saying, “we will examine the documents further, we cant disclose all the documents to the press.”


Sumber: Tempo interaktif.com


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